5.2.4. Renaming a Domain

When a domain is renamed, the old domain is deleted and a new one is created. Therefore, in order to prevent data loss, a domain cannot be renamed if it contains any applications.
The following instructions describe how to rename a domain.
  1. Ensure the domain does not contain any applications with the following command:
    $ rhc apps
    Delete any applications that exist in that domain with the following command:
    $ rhc app delete App_Name


    Deleting an application deletes all remote data associated with that application, which cannot be recovered.
  2. Rename a domain with the following command, specifying the current domain name and the new domain name:
    $ rhc domain rename Old_Domain_Name New_Domain_Name

    Example 5.4. Renaming a Domain

    $ rhc domain rename olddomain newdomain
    Renaming domain 'olddomain' to 'newdomain'... done
    Applications in this domain will use the new name in their URL.