12.4. Cartridge Management Commands

Manage cartridges with the client tools using the rhc cartridge command, with the following syntax:
$ rhc cartridge Action Cart_Type -a App_Name
The following table describes the available cartridge management actions:

Table 12.2. Cartridge Management Actions

Action Details
list List supported cartridges.
add Add a cartridge.
remove Remove a cartridge.
stop Stop a cartridge.
start Start a cartridge.
restart Restart a cartridge.
status Return the current status of a cartridge.
reload Reload the configuration of a cartridge.
show Show information about a cartridge.
storage View and manipulate storage on a cartridge.
scale Set the scaling range of a cartridge.
The following table describes the available options with cartridge management commands:

Table 12.3. Cartridge Management Command Options

Option Description
-n, --namespace [NAME] Name of a domain.
-a, --app [NAME] Name of an application.
-c, --cartridge [CART_TYPE] Name of cartridge.
-l, --rhlogin [LOGIN] OpenShift Enterprise user account.
-p, --password [PASSWORD] OpenShift Enterprise account password.

Example 12.2. Stopping a Cartridge

$ rhc cartridge stop php -a mynewapp
Using php-5.4 (PHP 5.4) for 'php'
Stopping php-5.4 ... done