15.4. Migrating an Application to Another Gear

There may be cases when an application must be migrated to another gear.

Procedure 15.1. To Migrate an Application to Another Gear:

  1. Create a snapshot of an existing application:
    $ rhc snapshot save App_Name
  2. Verify that the App_Name.tar.gz file has been created in the working directory. After confirming the application snapshot is saved, delete the existing application:
    $ rhc app delete App_Name
  3. Create a new application using the same cartridges, but with the correct gear size:
    $ rhc app create App_Name Cart_Name -g gear_size
  4. Finally, restore the previously saved application snapshot to the newly created application. Be sure to specify the correct path to the saved application snapshot:
    $ rhc snapshot restore App_Name -f App_Name.tar.gz