12.3. Viewing Cartridges for an Application

View all cartridges associated with an application with the following command:
$ rhc app show App_Name

Example 12.1. List of Cartridges for an Application

$ rhc app show mynewapp
mynewapp @ http://mynewapp-mydomain.rhcloud.com/
  (uuid: 5213190e2587c8817a000121)
  Domain:     mydomain
  Created:    Aug 20, 2013  3:21 AM
  Gears:      2 (defaults to medium)
  Git URL:    ssh://5213190e2587c8817a000121@mynewapp-mydomain.rhcloud.com/~/git/mynewapp.git/
  SSH:        5213190e2587c8817a000121@mynewapp-mydomain.rhcloud.com
  Deployment: auto (on git push)

  php-5.4 (PHP 5.4)
    Scaling: x1 (minimum: 1, maximum: available) on medium gears

  haproxy-1.4 (Web Load Balancer)
    Gears: Located with php-5.4

  mysql-5.5 (MySQL 5.5)
    Gears:          1 medium
    Database Name:  mynewapp
    Password:       password
    Username:       username