Deploying from a Snapshot

The following instructions describe how to deploy an application from a snapshot. Note that an application can be deployed from a binary artifact.

Procedure 13.2. To Deploy From a Snapshot:

  1. Save an application snapshot to build a deployable .tar.gz artifact:
    $ rhc save-snapshot App_Name --deployment
  2. Configure the application for binary artifact deployments:
    $ rhc configure-app App_Name --deployment-type binary
    Note that this command changes the application's deployment process and disables the git push command.
  3. Deploy the application using the binary artifact that was created:
    $ rhc deploy ./app.tar.gz -a App_Name
    Alternatively, use the following command to deploy from a URL:
    $ rhc deploy http://foo.com/path/to/file.tar.gz -a App_Name