5.2.6. Configuring Domain Gear Size

When configuring gear sizes for a domain, there are multiple options available. For example, you could limit the amount of resources available to a domain by restricting it to only allow small gears.

Table 5.1. Options When Configuring Domains

Option Description
--no-allowed-gear-sizes Does not allow any gear sizes in this domain.
--allowed-gear-sizes [SIZES] Gear sizes to be allowed in this domain. To specify multiple sizes, use a comma-delimited list. To see available sizes, run the rhc account command.
-n, --namespace [NAME] Name of a domain.
Configure gear sizes for a domain with the following command, specifying the desired gear sizes and the name of the domain:
$ rhc domain-configure domain --allowed-gear-sizes gearsizes
The following example shows the domain gear size configured to be small.highcpu.

Example 5.5. Configuring the Gear Size of a Domain

$ rhc domain-configure mydomain --allowed-gear-sizes small.highcpu