11.3. Cloning an Existing Application

With the release of OpenShift Enterprise 2.1, you can now clone an existing application using the client tools. Create an application from existing application data using the following command:
$ rhc app create New_Name --from-app App_Name
This creates a new application using the same cartridges, gear sizes, and scaling and deployment configurations as an already existing application. Note that aliases are not copied, because they are unique to an application.
Cloning an Application from Another Domain

Use domain/ to clone an application from another domain you have access to:

$ rhc app create New_Name --from-app domain/App_Name

Cloning an Application to a Specific Region

OpenShift Enterprise supports hosting applications in multiple regions and zones. With the release of OpenShift Enterprise 2.2, you can clone an application to a region other than us-east-1 using the --region option:

$ rhc app create New_App --from-app Existing_App --region Region_Name

The following table outlines different options you can use to configure the new application and give it different attributes than the original application:

Table 11.2. Application Clone Command Options

Option Description
--gear-size Gear_Size Use this option to change the gear size of the new application. For example, if the original application uses the small gear size, use this option with medium for the new application to use medium gears.
--[no-]scaling Use this option to configure the new application to be either scaling or non-scaling. For example, if the original application has scaling enabled, use the --no-scaling option to disable scaling for the new application and vice-versa.
--env En_var A cloned application will have the same environment variables as the original application. To add new environment variables to the new application, use this option with any desired environment variables. Additionally, you can override any environment variables that were set in the original application with this option and the environment variables to replace them.
--no-git Use this to disable Git for the new application.
--region Region_Name Specifies the region to which the application will be cloned.