Chapter 13. Build and Deployment

13.1. Introduction to Deployment

The application deployment process involves making any required changes to the application code, committing those changes to the local repository, and then updating the remote repository. Application files are stored in the local Git repository that was cloned when the application was created.
The deployment process uses the application's storage space as part of the build and test process. This means that the running application must be shut down so that its memory can be utilized. Therefore, the application is not available for the duration of the build.
The following table outlines and describes the associated tasks of the deployment process.

Table 13.1. The Deployment Process

Deployment Step Description
Pre-build This occurs when the git push command is run, but before the push is fully committed.
Build This builds an application, downloads required dependencies, executes the .openshift/action_hooks/build script and prepares everything for deployment.
Deploy This performs any required tasks necessary to prepare the application for starting, including running the .openshift/action_hooks/deploy script. This step occurs immediately before the application is issued a start command.
Post-deploy This step enables interaction with the running application, including running the .openshift/action_hooks/post_deploy script. This step occurs immediately after the application is restarted.