13.4.2. Cartridge Action Hooks

Cartridge action hooks are used by creating a file in the App_Name/.openshift/action_hooks directory with the same name as the desired event.
Use the following list for a reference to all possible action hooks associated with a cartridge control action.

Table 13.2. Cartridge Action Hooks

Action Description Event-specific examples
Start Start the software the cartridge controls. pre_start_Cart_Name, post_start_Cart_Name
Stop Stop the software the cartridge controls. pre_stop_Cart_Name, post_stop_Cart_Name
Reload The cartridge and the package software will re-read the configuration information. pre_reload_Cart_Name, post_reload_Cart_Name
Restart Current cartridge process is stopped and started again. pre_restart_Cart_Name, post_restart_Cart_Name
Tidy All unused resources are released. pre_tidy_Cart_Name, post_tidy_Cart_Name
Cart_Name is a replaceable term used to represent the cartridge short-name. For example, for a JBossAS cartridge to be implemented during the pre-start process, create the file App_Name/.openshift/action_hooks/pre_start_jbossas, edit it and add the desired information.