11.8. Application Management Commands

Applications are managed with the client tools using the rhc app command and the available options. The following example shows the command syntax.
$ rhc app action App_Name [Options]
The following table describes the available application management command actions:

Table 11.3. Application Management Command Argument Options

Action Details
start Start an application.
stop Stop an application.
force-stop Stop all application processes.
restart Restart an application.
reload Reload an application.
show Show information about an application.
tidy Clean out the application's log files and tmp directories, and tidy up the Git repository on the server.
create Create an application and add it to a domain.
delete Remove an application.
configure Configure an application's properties.
deploy Deploy a Git reference or binary file of an application.
The following table describes the available options with application management commands:

Table 11.4. Application Management Command Options

Option Description
-n, --namespace [NAME] Name of a domain.
-a, --app [NAME] Name of an application.
-l, --rhlogin [LOGIN] OpenShift Enterprise user account.
-p, --password [PASSWORD] OpenShift Enterprise account password.

Example 11.9. Starting an Application

$ rhc app start myapp -n mydomain
myapp started