Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.2-6Thu Jun 15 2017Ashley Hardin
Updated Section 9.1.1, “Web Framework Cartridges” to note JBoss EWS 3 is only certified to run with Java 1.7.
Revision 2.2-5Thu Sep 08 2016Ashley Hardin
BZ 1256952: Bug Fix
Revision 2.2-4Thu Aug 20 2015Brice Fallon-Freeman
BZ 1210716: Added Section 11.11, “Enabling the JBoss Metrics Plug-in”.
Revision 2.2-3Tue Jun 09 2015Vikram Goyal
BZ 1117560: Updated introduction for Section 6.1, “Introduction to Teams”
Revision 2.2-2Wed Dec 03 2014Bilhar Aulakh
OpenShift Enterprise 2.2.2 release.
BZ 1163906: Fixed Ruby environment variable name in Section 13.5.10, “Ruby Environment Variables”.
Revision 2.2-0Tue Nov 4 2014Timothy Poitras
OpenShift Enterprise 2.2 release.
Added Section 3.3, “Mutual SSL”.
Updated Section 9.1.1, “Web Framework Cartridges” for Ruby 2.0.
Updated Section 11.2, “Creating an Application” and Section 11.3, “Cloning an Existing Application” with details about specifying a region for applications.
Updated Section 11.7, “Making Applications Highly Available” for rhc app enable-ha usage.
Revision 2.1-7Thu Oct 23 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
BZ 1152344: Updated Section 4.1.5, “Viewing a Server” to fix an example.
BZ 1125298: Added Section 5.2.6, “Configuring Domain Gear Size” which explains how to control gear sizes on a domain.
Updated Section 9.1.1, “Web Framework Cartridges” for the new JBoss A-MQ, JBoss Fuse, and JBoss Fuse Builder cartridges.
BZ 1118766: Added Section 10.1.3, “Highly-Available Applications” and Section 11.7, “Making Applications Highly Available”.
Revision 2.1-6Thu Oct 2 2014Alex Dellapenta
OpenShift Enterprise 2.1.7 release.
BZ 1134034: Updated Section 13.5.4, “Logging Environment Variables” to include the multi option for the LOGSHIFTER_OUTPUT_TYPE environment variable.
Revision 2.1-5Tue Aug 26 2014Bilhar Aulakh
OpenShift Enterprise 2.1.5 release.
Updated Section 9.1.1, “Web Framework Cartridges” and Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” with technology versions supported by each cartridge.
BZ 1124980: Updated Section 11.2, “Creating an Application” with information on creating an application from code.
Revision 2.1-3Mon Aug 11 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
Added Chapter 4, Multiple OpenShift Servers.
Added Section 8.1, “Introduction to Regions and Zones”.
BZ 1119469: Removed "Embedding 10gen MMS Agent" section.
Revision 2.1-2Thu Jun 26 2014Julie Wu
OpenShift Enterprise 2.1.2 release.
BZ 999529: Updated Section 9.1.1, “Web Framework Cartridges” and Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” with more information on cartridges.
BZ 1102736: Updated Section 6.1, “Introduction to Teams” to remove note about team management support only being in the gem version of the client tools.
BZ 1107753: Updated Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” with correct add-on cartridge information.
Updated various sections to highlight OpenShift Enterprise 2.1 features.
Revision 2.1-1Thu Jun 5 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
OpenShift Enterprise 2.1.1 release.
Added Team Management section.
Updated Section 9.1.2, “Add-on Cartridges” and Section 11.9.4, “Accessing a Database Cartridge” for the addition of the MongoDB cartridge.
Revision 2.1-0Fri May 16 2014Brice Fallon-Freeman
OpenShift Enterprise 2.1 release.
BZ 1086697 Edited SSH Key information.
BZ 1058255 Added File Structure to Section 15.1, “Introduction to Snapshots”.
Added team information to the topics on Domain Membership.
Added Teams chapter and Section 6.1, “Introduction to Teams”.
Added info on the --mine option to Section 11.5, “Viewing Applications for a User”.
Added Section 13.5.4, “Logging Environment Variables”.
Added Section 11.3, “Cloning an Existing Application”.
BZ 1077965: Fixed image in Section 10.1.2, “Scalable Applications”.
Added information about Watchman.
BZ 1016151: Fixed command and example in Section 11.15.2, “Application Port Forwarding”.
BZ 1033360: Removed references to OpenShift Online plans.
BZ 1065804: Fixed command error.
Updated Section 13.5.9, “JBoss Environment Variables”.
Added Section 13.5.6, “Library Environment Variables”.
Added Section 13.5.11, “Python Environment Variables”.
BZ 1023944: Updated Section 11.9.4, “Accessing a Database Cartridge”.
Updated Section 13.5.3, “Directory Environment Variables”.
Added Section 13.4.5, “Metrics Action Hooks”.
BZ 1076233: Fixed broken images.
Restructured book.
Revision 2.0-1Thu Feb 27 2014Bilhar Aulakh
OpenShift Enterprise 2.0.3 release.
BZ 1051190: Added Section 13.4.4, “Scaling Action Hooks”.
BZ 1033360: Removed references to OpenShift Online plans.
Revision 2.0-0Mon Dec 9 2013Bilhar Aulakh
OpenShift Enterprise 2.0 release.
Added two new topics about action hooks for cartridges and the build process.
Added information on configuring application deployment.
Edited 'How Scaling Works' section.
Removed specific cartridge version numbers.