11.9.2. Accessing an Application

When an application is accessed in a secure shell environment, the connection is made to the primary gear of the application by default. The primary gear is the gear where the Git repository and the web cartridge are located.
Access an application in a secure shell environment with the following command:
$ rhc ssh App_Name [Options]

Example 11.10. Accessing an Application in Secure Shell Environment

$ rhc ssh racer
Connecting to 517623ecdbd93cdffa000001@racer-automobile.example.com ...


    You are accessing a service that is for use only by authorized users.
    If you do not have authorization, discontinue use at once.
    Any use of the services is subject to the applicable terms of the
    agreement which can be found at:


    Welcome to OpenShift shell

    This shell will assist you in managing OpenShift applications.

    Shell access is quite powerful and it is possible for you to
    accidentally damage your application.  Proceed with care!
    If worse comes to worst, destroy your application with 'rhc app delete'
    and recreate it

    Type "help" for more info.

[racer-automobile.example.com 517623ecdbd93cdffa000001]\>
From the shell environment, run the help command to see the available shell commands. General Linux commands are available for routine operations in the shell environment.
Specific SSH commands can be run by passing one or more arguments. A different SSH executable can be used, or further options can be passed to SSH with the --ssh option.