Chapter 24. level

The logging level from various sources, including rsyslog(severitytext property), a Python logging module, and others.

The following values come from syslog.h, and are preceded by their numeric equivalents:

  • 0 = emerg, system is unusable.
  • 1 = alert, action must be taken immediately.
  • 2 = crit, critical conditions.
  • 3 = err, error conditions.
  • 4 = warn, warning conditions.
  • 5 = notice, normal but significant condition.
  • 6 = info, informational.
  • 7 = debug, debug-level messages.

The two following values are not part of syslog.h but are widely used:

  • 8 = trace, trace-level messages, which are more verbose than debug messages.
  • 9 = unknown, when the logging system gets a value it doesn’t recognize.

Map the log levels or priorities of other logging systems to their nearest match in the preceding list. For example, from python logging, you can match CRITICAL with crit, ERROR with err, and so on.

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