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Chapter 2. Showing data collected by Telemetry

An administrator might need to review the metrics that Telemetry collects.

2.1. Showing data collected from the cluster

You can see the cluster and components time series data captured by Telemetry.


  • Install the OpenShift Command-line Interface (CLI), commonly known as oc.
  • You must log in to the cluster with a user that has the cluster-admin role.


  1. Find the URL for the Prometheus service that runs in the OpenShift Container Platform cluster:

    $ oc get route prometheus-k8s -n openshift-monitoring -o jsonpath="{}"
  2. Navigate to the URL.
  3. Enter this query in the Expression input box and press Execute:

    {__name__="up"} or {__name__="cluster_version"} or {__name__="cluster_version_available_updates"} or {__name__="cluster_operator_up"} or {__name__="cluster_operator_conditions"} or {__name__="cluster_version_payload"} or {__name__="cluster_version_payload_errors"} or {__name__="instance:etcd_object_counts:sum"} or {__name__="ALERTS",alertstate="firing"} or {__name__="code:apiserver_request_count:rate:sum"} or {__name__="kube_pod_status_ready:etcd:sum"} or {__name__="kube_pod_status_ready:image_registry:sum"} or {__name__="cluster:capacity_cpu_cores:sum"} or {__name__="cluster:capacity_memory_bytes:sum"} or {__name__="cluster:cpu_usage_cores:sum"} or {__name__="cluster:memory_usage_bytes:sum"} or {__name__="openshift:cpu_usage_cores:sum"} or {__name__="openshift:memory_usage_bytes:sum"} or {__name__="cluster:node_instance_type_count:sum"}

    This query replicates the request that Telemetry makes against a running OpenShift Container Platform cluster’s Prometheus service and returns the full set of time series captured by Telemetry.