Chapter 4. Unsupported and deprecated features

Cryostat 2.0 removes some features because of their high maintenance costs, low community interest, and better alternative solutions.

ContainerJFR variants

The Cryostat namespace replaces the ContainerJFR namespace, so Cryostat 2.0 no longer specifies any variants of the ContainerJFR namespace.

Event specifier string syntax

Cryostat 2.0 does not include any event specific string syntax. Event templates offer a better alternative to event specific string syntax.

Interactive mode commands

The HTTP API and Notification Channels replace the Command Channel. You cannot use any Command Channel implementations or their CommandExecutor interfaces in Cryostat 2.0.

TTY/TCP execution modes

Cryostat 2.0 does not contain any TTY and TCP socket execution modes or any mode’s configurations. These execution modes did not support platform authentication or target authentication.

You can continue to use the supported WebSocket execution mode.

WebSocket commands

Cryostat 2.0 removed all WebSocket commands. These commands were deprecated in the Cryostat 1 release.

WebSever IO cleanup

Cryostat 2.0 removed the low-memory pressure mode for embedded WebSever IOs. You can no longer use this mode to apply a constant memory size mapping to an embedded WebServer IO.