Cryostat is a container-native Java application that connects your Java workloads running inside an OpenShift cluster to your desktop JDK Mission Control application.

The primary feature for Cryostat 2.0 is that you can install and deploy Cryostat through the OpenShift Operator in the OperatorHub of the OpenShift Container Platform web console. After you install and deploy Cryostat, you can access a fully featured Cryostat instance and then explore any of the additional features listed in the Release notes for Cryostat 2.0 guide.


The features listed in the this guide are Technology Preview features. Technology Preview features are not supported with Red Hat production service level agreements (SLAs) and might not be functionally complete for production purposes. These features provide early access to upcoming product features, enabling customers to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.

See Technology Preview Features Support Scope on the Red Hat Customer Portal for information about the support scope for Technology Preview features.