Appendix A. MSI-based installer properties

The OpenJDK 11 for Windows MSI-based installer includes the JDK Files component and the following optional properties:

Table A.1. OpenJDK 11 for Windows MSI-based installer properties

PropertyDescriptionDefault value

OpenJDK Runtime - Windows Registry

The following registry keys are set HKLM\Software\JavaSoft\JDK\<version>, entries: JavaHome: <INSTALLDIR> RuntimeLib: <INSTALLDIR>\bin\server\jvm.dll HKLM\Software\JavaSoft\JDK, entries: CurrentVersion: <version>


OpenJDK Runtime - Path Variable

Adds the Runtime to the Path variable so it is available from the command line.


OpenJDK Runtime - JAVA_HOME System Variable

JAVA_HOME is used by some programs to find the Java runtime.


OpenJDK Runtime - REDHAT_JAVA_HOME System Variable

REDHAT_JAVA_HOME can be used by some programs to find the Red Hat OpenJDK runtime.


OpenJDK Runtime - Jar Files Association

This enables Jar files to be run from within Windows Explorer.


Mission Control - Files

Contains files that are installed in the <installdir>\missioncontrol directory.


Mission Control - Path Variable

Appends <installdir>\missioncontrol to the system PATH environment variable.


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