Release Notes for Open Liberty on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Open Liberty 2021

Release Notes for Open Liberty 2021 on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


These release notes contain the latest information about new features, enhancements, fixes, and issues contained in Open Liberty 2021 on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform release.

Chapter 1. Features

In, we have a milestone update to the MicroProfile feature with a major version increase to 4.0. This includes updates to all 8 MicroProfile components: Config, Fault Tolerance, Health, JWT RBAC, Metrics, Open API, Open Tracing and Rest Client. To utilize these updated components, run your app with the latest version of Open Liberty.

If you’re feeling curious about what’s coming soon in Open Liberty, take a look at the 'beta status' features in the latest development builds, for example LDAP connection support for Kerberos authentication is now available in the Open Liberty release.

In Open Liberty

View the list of fixed bugs in

1.1. Run your apps using

If you’re using Maven, here are the coordinates:


Or for Gradle:

dependencies {
    libertyRuntime group: 'io.openliberty', name: 'openliberty-runtime', version: '[,)'

Or if you’re using Docker:

FROM open-liberty

1.1.1. MicroProfile 4.0 Support

MicroProfile 4.0 is the first release under the Working Group model and MicroProfile Specification Process and alligns with Jakarta EE 8. This major version update includes updates to the following 8 MicroProfile components:

  • MicroProfile Config 2.0
  • MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 3.0
  • MicroProfile Health 3.0
  • MicroProfile JWT Authentication 1.2
  • MicroProfile Metrics 3.0
  • MicroProfile OpenAPI 2.0
  • MicroProfile OpenTracing 2.0
  • MicroProfile Rest Client 2.0

As this is such a large update, separate blog posts have been written for both MicroProfile 4.0 and a few of the individual components. A deep-dive into MicroProfile 4.0 can be found in the post linked below with further component-specific posts due to release over the coming weeks:

A Deep Dive into MicroProfile 4.0 with Open Liberty Making use of MicroProfile 4.0

To make use of MicroProfile 4.0 you must add the feature to both pom.xml and server.xml:

Add the following to your server.xml:


And add the following to your pom.xml:


Chapter 2. Resolved issues

See the Open Liberty issues that were resolved for this release.

Chapter 3. Fixed CVEs

For a list of CVEs that were fixed in Open Liberty, see security vulnerabilities.

Chapter 4. Known issues

See the list of issues that were found but not fixed during the development of

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