Chapter 3. Known Issues

  1. Build containers for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 have been updated to contain the rh-nodejs10 package instead of the rh-nodejs8 package. Support for Node.js 8 will be going end-of-life in December, 2019, and several modules that it installs have security vulnerabilities that will not be fixed. The update to use rh-nodejs10 may break applications that depend on the rh-nodejs8 package. See the Node.js 10 changelog file for more information about relevant changes.
  2. ASP.NET Core applications published as framework-dependent fail to run with dotnet/dotnet-21-runtime-rhel7 because the ASP.NET Core shared framework is missing. See Shared Framework issue in .NET Core 2.1 Release Notes for RPMs for more information.
  3. .NET Core SDK 2.1.3xx contains an incorrect NETStandard.Library version. Using this SDK version may result in build failures. To correct this issue, update to SDK 2.1.402 (or later). To update to the latest SDK version, change the DOTNET_SDK_VERSION environment variable to 2.1.402 (or to the latest preferred SDK version or the setting latest). For more information about this and other environment variables, see Section 2.3., Environment Variables.

    If there is a global.json file that specifies the SDK version and you do not want to update to the latest SDK version, you can work around this issue by removing the following entry in the csproj file.


    See Chapter 7, Known Issues in the .NET Core 2.1 Release Notes for RPMs for a list of known issues and workarounds for RPMs.

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