Chapter 1. Install .NET Core 1.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

This Getting Started Guide describes how to install .NET Core 1.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

  1. Install RHEL 7 using one of the following images:

  2. Register the system by following the appropriate steps in Registering and Unregistering a System in the Red Hat Subscription Management document. You can also use the following command to register the system.

    # subscription-manager register
  3. Display a list of all subscriptions that are available for your system and identify the pool ID for the subscription.

    # subscription-manager list --available

    This command displays its name, unique identifier, expiration date, and other details related to it. The pool ID is listed on a line beginning with Pool ID.

  4. Attach the subscription that provides access to the dotNET on RHEL repository. Replace pool_id with the pool ID you identified in the previous step.

    # subscription-manager attach --pool=<appropriate pool ID from the above step>
  5. Verify the list of subscriptions attached to your system.

    # subscription-manager list --consumed
  6. Enable the .NET Core channel for Red Hat Enterprise 7 Server, Red Hat Enterprise 7 Workstation, or HPC Compute Node with one of the following commands, respectively.

    # subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-server-dotnet-rpms
    # subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-workstation-dotnet-rpms
    # subscription-manager repos --enable=rhel-7-hpc-node-dotnet-rpms
  7. Install the scl tool.

    # yum install scl-utils

1.1. Install .NET Core 1.1

  1. Install .NET Core 1.1 and all of its dependencies.

    # yum install rh-dotnetcore11
  2. Enable the rh-dotnetcore11 collection environment.

    $ scl enable rh-dotnetcore11 bash

    This command does not persist; it creates a new shell, and the dotnet command is only available within that shell. If you log out, use another shell, or open up a new terminal, the dotnet command is no longer enabled. Consider permanently enabling it by adding the following line to your ~/.bashrc file.

    source scl_source enable rh-dotnetcore11
  3. Run the following command to prove the installation succeeded.

    $ dotnet --help

1.2. Create a .NET Core 1.1 Project

  1. If you want to run the classic "Hello World" test case, create the following directory.

    $ mkdir hello-world
  2. Navigate to the hello-world directory.

    $ cd hello-world
  3. Create a .NET Core 1.1 project.

    $ dotnet new
  4. Pull the dependencies needed for the .NET Core 1.1 project.

    $ dotnet restore
  5. Run the .NET Core 1.1 project.

    $ dotnet run

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