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.NET Core 1.0

Installing .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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The .NET Core platform is a general purpose development platform that has several key features many developers find attractive, including automatic memory management and modern programming languages. These features make it easier to build high-quality apps more efficiently. Multiple implementations of .NET are available, based on open .NET Standards that specify the fundamentals of the platform.
This availability allows Windows developers to deploy to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) without having to learn RHEL and to expand the reach of workloads to RHEL environments. The goal is to provide a safe introduction to a new environment and culture without risk of exposure. Now users of RHEL and RHEL-based Red Hat products can develop and run .NET Core applications directly on RHEL, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host and OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat. (RHEL 7 is the only version that supports .NET Core.)