Appendix A. Reference material

A.1. Additional resources

A.1.1. Getting involved

To help the Migration Toolkit for Applications cover most application constructs and server configurations, including yours, you can help with any of the following items.

  • Send an email to and let us know what MTA migration rules should cover.
  • Provide example applications to test migration rules.
  • Identify application components and problem areas that may be difficult to migrate.

    • Write a short description of these problem migration areas.
    • Write a brief overview describing how to solve the problem migration areas.
  • Try Migration Toolkit for Applications on your application. Be sure to report any issues you encounter.
  • Contribute to the Migration Toolkit for Applications rules repository.

    • Write a Migration Toolkit for Applications rule to identify or automate a migration process.
    • Create a test for the new rule.
    • Details are provided in the Rules Development Guide.
  • Contribute to the project source code.

    • Create a core rule.
    • Improve MTA performance or efficiency.
    • See the Core Development Guide for information about how to configure your environment and set up the project.

Any level of involvement is greatly appreciated!

A.1.3. Reporting issues

MTA uses Jira as its issue tracking system. If you encounter an issue executing MTA, submit a Jira issue.

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