Chapter 6. Support for M-Beans

6.1. M-Bean

An M-Bean (Managed Bean) is a Java object that represents a manageable resource, such as a service or application. All of the registered services in the application server's micro-kernel are represented as M-Beans.

6.2. jUDDI M-Beans

You can query jUDDI M.-Beans in the JMX console. Doing so allows you to observe Service Registry operations. These are the M.-Beans available:
  • org.apache.juddi.api.impl.UDDIServiceCounter
  • org.apache.juddi.api.impl.UDDICustodyTransferCounter
  • org.apache.juddi.api.impl.UDDIInquiryCounter
  • org.apache.juddi.api.impl.UDDIPublicationCounter
  • org.apache.juddi.api.impl.UDDISecurityCounter
  • org.apache.juddi.api.impl.UDDISubscriptionCounter
Each UDDI operation under the API supplies the following functionality for each method:
  • successful queries
  • failed queries
  • total queries
  • processing time
  • an aggregate count of total/successful/failed per API
Only one operation is available: resetCounts.