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Appendix A. Configuring the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform for Cloud Computing

A.1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a service provided by You can rent virtual machines on which you run your own software. It is a highly-scalable service and allows you to create virtual machines in realtime to meet specific processing needs.

A.2. Configure the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform to be Used on an EC2 Cloud


  • Warning

    Because this process requires you to shut down your server's firewall leading to a potential security risk, this configuration task MUST be performed inside a VPC subnet, with a firewall on the external interface. Red Hat will NOT support it otherwise.

Procedure A.1. Task

  1. Create the nodes on EC2. They should belong to a security group that does not have restrictions.
  2. Within AWS also create an instance that will be used as a database.
  3. Create a new S3 bucket on AWS.
  4. Download the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform EC2 patch from the Customer Portal.
  5. Unzip the patch and open it from the location you saved it in.
  6. Run ant.
    This creates a new configuration called cluster-ec2, based on the production configuration.
  7. Make any desired changes to the new configuration (such as modifying it to use MySQL instead of the default database.)
  8. Shut down the firewall (iptables) on all nodes.
  9. Run the newly-created configuration, passing the following parameters: jboss.jgroups.s3_ping.access_key, jboss.jgroups.s3_ping.secret_access_key and jboss.jgroups.s3_ping.bucket. (You can obtain these from the AWS console)

A.3. Troubleshooting an EC2 Configuration

  • Ensure that the patch's version number matches that of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform distribution.
  • If, after starting a large number of nodes, you still see that the cluster has only one member, it is probably a problem related to your firewall.
  • Make sure you are not connected to an internal VPN while you are starting the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.