3.7. Deploying an ESB Project

  1. After adding the ESB project to the JBoss server module list, right-click the JBoss Server and select Publish to publish the project on the server. You can check the deploying result in the Console view.
  2. The Run and Debug options work on ESB projects causing a (re)deploy for a user designated server.
    You can also click the "Finger touch" button for a quick restart of the project without restarting the server.
  3. Exporting

    Additionally, you can deploy your ESB project as an .esb archive. Right-click on the project and choose Export.
    Choose ESBESB File and click Next.
    Export the ESB project to the file system. Choose the destination and target runtime, then make the appropriate settings for the archive. Finally, click Finish
  4. Your project is now deployed as an .esb archive.