3.8. Creating an ESB File

  1. Open a project that has the ESB facet enabled. Select FileNewOther... in the main menu bar or context menu for your selected project, then click ESBESB File in the new dialog
  2. Clicking the Next button brings you to the wizard page where a folder, name and version should be specified. For example, choose jboss-esb.xml as the name and accept the selected projects folder and the default version.


    For SOA-P version 5.3 your ESB version is 4.11 and the ESB file schema version is 1.3.1. Older ESB file schema versions are also supported if you are using an older SOA-P server release.
  3. Your file will be created in the selected project's folder by default. If you want to change the folder it is saved in, click Browse and select another destination.
  4. Click Finish to generate the file.