3.9. Creating an ESB Action

  1. Open an ESB or Java project.
  2. Select FileNewOther in the main menu or from the context project menu. Then click ESBESB Action in the new dialog.
  3. Click Next and you will be brought to the New ESB Action wizard where the class name should be specified. You can also set a package or add an interface.
  4. JBoss ESB 4.9 introduced a new set of Action Annotations. The new set of Action Annotations help make it easier to create clean ESB Action implementations by hiding the complexities of implementing interfaces and abstract classes, as well as dealing with the ConfigTree type. If you wish use these annotations, check the type As annotated POJO. Otherwise check the type As AbstractActionPipelineProcessor implementation.
    The Annotations are:
    • @Process
    • @ConfigProperty
    • @Initialize
    • @Destroy
    • @BodyParam
    • @PropertyParam
    • @AttachmentParam
    • @OnSucess
    • @OnException
  5. Click on Finish to generate the ESB Action class. This class will become available in ESB Editor wizards.