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11.12. XPath and Namespaces

An XPath expression is a feature that searches through messages and extracts data from them.
To use namespaces in Xpath, specify which namespace prefixes are to be used in the XPath expression. These prefixes are specified in a comma-separated list in the following format: prefix=uri,prefix=uri.
XPath Namespace-aware Statements:
  1. xpathMatch expr "<expression>" use namespaces "<namespaces>"
  2. xpathEquals expr "<expression>", "<value>" use namespaces "<namespaces>"
  3. xpathGreaterThan expr "<expression>", "<value>" use namespaces "<namespaces>"
  4. xpathLowerThan expr "<expression>", "<value>" use namespaces "<namespaces>"


Make sure these expressions have the expr at the beginning to stop them from clashing with non-XPath aware statements.