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4.13. UDDI Application Programming Interfaces

The UDDI v3 specification defines nine APIs:
This defines the API to obtain a security token. With a valid security token a publisher can publish to the registry. A security token can be used for the entire session.
This defines the API to publish business and service information to the UDDI registry.
This defines the API to query the UDDI registry. This API does not normally require a security token.
This API can be used to transfer the custody of a business from one UDDI node to another.
This defines the API to register for updates on a particular business of service.
This defines the API a client must implement to receive subscription notifications from a UDDI node.
This defines the API to replicate registry data between UDDI nodes.
This is used by nodes to allow external providers of value set the validation. Web services to assess whether keyedReferences or keyedReferenceGroups are valid.
UDDI nodes may perform validation of publisher references themselves using the cached values obtained from such a Web service.