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7.28. JBPM Deployment

Table 7.10. JBPM Deployment

Property Description
This directory contains the deployment.xml and jboss-esb.xml files.
Specifies the two resource files the ESB archive depends on: the jbossesb.esb and the JbpmDS data source files. The information in these files is used to determine the order of deployment:
This file deploys an internal service called JBpmCallbackService:
  <service category="JBossESB-Internal" name="JBpmCallbackService"
    description="Service which makes Callbacks into jBPM">
      <jms-listener name="JMS-DCQListener" 
        busidref="jBPMCallbackBus" maxThreads="1" />
    <actions mep="OneWay">
      <action name="action" 
This internal service listens to the jBPMCallbackBus, which, by default, is set to be either JBossMQ (via the jbmq-queue-service.xml file) or JBossMessaging (via the jbm-queue-service.xml file.) The latter is a messaging provider for the Java Message Service Queue. Ensure that only one of these files is deployed in the jbpm.esb archive.