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7.9. JBPM Commands

The JBoss ESB can make calls into the JBoss Business Process Manager by means of the BpmProcessor action. This action utilizes the JBPM Command API. Here are the JBPM commands you can use:

Table 7.2. JBPM Commands

Command Description
NewProcessInstanceCommand This command starts a new ProcessInstance which is associated with a process definition that has been already deployed to the JBPM. The NewProcessInstanceCommand leaves the process instance in the start state. This is needed in the case of a task being associated with the Start node (such as when there is one on an actor's task-list).
This is identical to the NewProcessInstanceCommand except that the new process instance is automatically moved from the start position to the first node.
Displays the root node variables for a process instance by using the process instance identifier.
Cancels an entire ProcessInstance. (Requires some JBPM context variables to be set on the message, including the ProcessInstance identifier.)