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7.3. jBPM 5 to JBoss ESB Integration

jBPM 5-to-JBossESB communication lets you use the JBPM for service orchestration. The two JBPM work item handler classes used to integrate these services are the EsbActionWorkItemHandler and the ESBServiceWorkItemHandler. The EsbActionWorkItemHandler is a request-reply type action that sends a message to a service and waits for a response. By contrast, the EsbServiceWorkItemHandler does not wait for a response.
You must provide a callback service within their jboss-esb.xml which contains the BPM5Callback action. The callback service's category and name are provided to the ESBActionWorkItemHandler so that it can contact the callback service. The following is an example of the configuration:
<service category="EsbJbpm5Example"
                 description="Service which makes Callbacks into jBPM">
                <jms-listener name="JMS-DCQListener"
            <actions mep="OneWay">
                <action name="action" class="">
                    <property name="process-definition-name" value="sample.bpmn"/>


The process definition names need to be unique between applications. You can define these names in the property shown below:
 <property name="process-definition-name" value="sample.bpmn"/>