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7.14. JBPM-JBossESB-to-ESB Integration

JBPM-JBossESB-to-JBossESB communication lets you use the JBPM for service orchestration.
The two JBPM action handler classes used to intergrate these services are the EsbActionHandler and EsbNotifier. The EsbActionHandler is a request-reply type action that sends a message to a service and waits for a response. By contrast, the EsbNotifier does not wait for a response.


The interaction with the Enterprise Service Bus is asynchronous in nature and, therefore, does not block the process instance whilst the service executes.


It is important that the classes representing any of the variables passing between JBPM and JBoss ESB services are visible to the JBPM process, target ESB services and the ESB JBPM callback service. Always deploy these classes to the server's lib directory.