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8.3. JBossESB to jBPM 5

JBossESB can make calls into jBPM 5 using the Bpm5Processor action. This action uses the jBPM 5 command API to make calls into jBPM. The following jBPM commands have been implemented:

Table 8.1. jBPM 5 commands

Command Description
Start a new ProcessInstance given a process definition that was already deployed to jBPM.
Signal to an already-started process that an event has occurred.
Cancel a ProcessInstance. That is, when an event comes in which should result in the cancellation of the entire ProcessInstance. This action requires some jBPM context variables to be set on the message, in particular the ProcessInstance Id.
There are two required action attributes:
  1. name
    Required attribute. You are free to use any value for the name attribute as long as it is unique in the action pipeline.
  2. class
    Required attribute. This attributes needs to be set to “”


Using signalEvent is inherently risky because there is nothing to indicate what states the process instance or work item is in. Use the request-reply functionality of the ESBActionWorkItemHandler rather than signalEvent.