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3.4. Important Notes About Quickstarts

When intending to run a quickstart, remember the following points:
  1. Each quickstart needs to be built and deployed using Apache Ant.
  2. Each quickstart uses the samples/quickstarts/conf/ file to store environment-specific configuration options such as the directory where the server was installed. You must create a file that matches your server installation. An example properties file ( is included.
  3. Each quickstart has different requirements. These are documented in their individual readme.txt files.
  4. Not every quickstart can run under every server profile.
  5. The jBPM quickstarts require a valid jBPM Console user name and password. Supply these by adding them as properties in the SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/samples/quickstarts/conf/ file:
    # jBPM console security credentials
    The quickstarts that are affected by this requirement are bpm_orchestration1, bpm_orchestration2, bpm_orchestration3 and bpm_orchestration4.
  6. You can only execute some of the quickstarts (such as groovy_gateway) if the server is not running in headless mode. (The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is configured to launch in headless mode by default.)


    Red Hat recommends that you run production servers in headless mode only.