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7.17. EsbActionHandler Extension Configuration

The EsbActionHandler relies on the configuration settings for the EsbNotifier. The extensions consist of the following sub-elements:

Table 7.5. EsbActionHandler Extension Configuration

Property Description Required?
Identical to the esbToBpmVars property for the BpmProcessor configuration. This sub-element defines a list of variables that need to be extracted from the ESB message and set in the Business Process Manager context for that particular process instance. If left unspecified, the globalProcessScope value defaults to true when the variables are set.
The list consists of mapping elements, each of which can have the following attributes:
  • esb
    This is a required attribute which can contain an MVEL expression. Use it to extract a value and put it into the ESB Message from anywhere.
  • bpm
    This is an optional attribute containing the name which is to be used by the JBPM. If it is not supplied, then the name in esb is used instead.
  • default
    Use this is an optional attribute to hold a default value if the esb MVEL expression cannot find one that is set in the Enterprise Service Bus message.
  • process-scope
    This is an optional parameter consisting of a Boolean value. Use it to override the setting of this mapping's e globalProcessScope.
exceptionTransition This the name of the transition to utilize if an exception occurs while the service is being processed. It requires the current node to have several outgoing transitions, one of which can handle exception processing. No