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6.5. Deploying a jBPM Web Application to the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

  1. You have many deployment options: choose from using the GPD deployment (Graphical Design Process) tab, the JSF console upload form and the Ant DeployProcessTask.


    Do not include the jBPM libraries in your deployed ESB applications. The jbpm.esb module already provides the libraries and configuration files required to run jBPM applications. Always use the provided versions and default settings as these have been refined by Red Hat's extensive Quality Engineering tests in order to prevent issues such as class loading conflicts and configuration mismatches.


    Process definitions should be deployed separately from the web application. Red Hat recommends that you deploy the process before the web application so that the latter can operate under the assumption the process is available at all times.
  2. The jBPM Graphical Design Process editor includes four modes: Diagram, Deployment, Design and Source, which are available as switchable tabs at the bottom of the editor. To adjust the deployment settings of the project you should select the tab that opens the Deployment mode. You can easily modify them or, if the settings do not match your needs, reset them to their defaults.
  3. In multi-tenancy use cases, a single server hosts many applications, each of which requires a different configuration. Red Hat recommends that you give each configuration file a unique name (something other than jbpm.cfg.xml), to avoid overriding the default configuration file that comes provided with the platform.