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16.9. Rule Set Requirements

  • There are three requirements when creating rule sets on the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.
    The name and action class as shown:
    <action class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.BusinessRulesProcessor"
    One of the following is also required:
    • a DRL file:
      <property name="ruleSet" value="drl/OrderDiscount.drl" />
    • a DSL or DSLR ( Domain Specific Language ) file:
      <property name="ruleSet" value="dsl/approval.dslr" />
      <property name="ruleLanguage" value="dsl/acme.dsl" />
    • a decisionTable on the class-path:
      <property name="decisionTable" value="PolicyPricing.xls" />
    • a properties file on the class-path. This tells the rule agent how to find the rules package. You enable it by specifying either an URL or the path to a local file:
      <property name="ruleAgentProperties"
                 value="" />