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11.15. Content-Based Routing Action Configuration Properties

Table 11.2. Content-Based Routing Action Configuration Properties

Property Description
ruleSet This is the name of the file containing the JBoss Rules engine'sruleSet , which is the set of rules used to evaluate message content. (Only one ruleSet can be given for each content-based routing instance.)
ruleLanguage This is an optional reference to a file containing the definition of a Domain Specific Language to be used for evaluating the rule set.
ruleReload This is an optional property which can be set to true in order to enable "hot" redeployment of rule sets. Note that this feature will cause some overhead on the rules processing. Note also that the rules will reload if the .esb archive in which they reside is redeployed.
stateful This is an optional property which tells the RuleService to use a stateful session where facts will be remembered between invocations. See the “Stateful Rules” section for more information about this topic.
destinations This is a set of route-to properties, each of which contains the logical name of the destination, along with the Service category and name as referenced in the registry. The logical name is the name which should be used in the rule set.
object-paths This is an optional property to pass message objects into working memory .
ruleAuditType This is an optional property which allows the JBoss Rules engine to perform audit logging. The log can be read into the JBoss Developer Studio plug-in and inspected. Valid values are CONSOLE, FILE and THREADED_FILE. The default is that no audit logging will be performed.
ruleAuditFile This is an optional property that allows you to to define the file-path for audit logging. Note that it only applies to FILE or THREADED_FILE ruleAuditType. The default is "event". Note that the JBoss Rules engine will append ".log" for you. The default location for this file is "." - the current working directory (which for JBoss is in its bin/ directory).
ruleAuditInterval This is an optional property that allows you to define how often to flush audit events to the audit log. Note that this only applies to the THREADED_FILE ruleAuditType. The default is 1000 (milliseconds).