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7.10. Configuring a new Process Instance in JBPM

  1. The configuration for this action in the jboss-exb.xml looks like this:
    <action name="create_new_process_instance" class="">
    	<property name="command" value="StartProcessInstanceCommand" />
    	<property name="process-definition-name" value="processDefinition2"/>
    	<property name="actor" value="FrankSinatra"/>	
    	<property name="esbToBpmVars">
    		<!-- esb-name maps to getBody().get("eVar1") -->
    		<mapping esb="eVar1" bpm="counter" default="45" />
    		<mapping esb="BODY_CONTENT" bpm="theBody" />
  2. You are required to input these two attributes:
    1. name
      Use any value for this name attribute, as long as it is unique in the action pipeline .
    2. class
      Always set this attribute to .