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16.3. Writing JAXB Annotation Introduction Configurations

The XSD for the configuration is available online at (In your IDE, register this XSD against the namespace.)
@XmlElement This goes on the “Field” and “Method” elements.
The basic structure of the configuration file follows the that of a Java class (that is, a "Class" containing "Fields" and "Methods".) The <Class>, <Field> and <Method> elements all require a “name” attribute. This attribute provides the name of the class, field or method. This name attribute's value is able to support regular expressions. This allows a single annotation introduction configuration to be targeted at more than one class, field or member by, for example, setting the name-space for a field in a class, or for all classes in a package.
The Annotation Introduction configurations match exactly with the Annotation definitions themselves, with each annotation “element-value pair” represented by an attribute on the annotations introduction configuration. Use the XSD and your IDE to editing the configuration.
Here is an example:
<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<jaxb-intros xmlns="">

  The type namespaces on the customerOrder are 
  different from the rest of the message...
  <Class name="com.activebpel.ordermanagement.CustomerOrder">
    <XmlType propOrder="orderDate,name,address,items" />
      <Field name="orderDate">
        <XmlAttribute name="date" required="true" />
      <Method name="getXYZ">
         nillable="true" />
  <!-- More general namespace config for the rest of the message... -->
  <Class name="com.activebpel.ordermanagement.*">
    <Method name="get.*">
      <XmlElement namespace="" />