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13.9.3. SOAPProcessor Action Configuration

The SOAPProcessor action action requires only one mandatory property value, which is the "jbossws-endpoint" property. This property names the JBossWS endpoint that the SOAPProcessor is exposing (invoking).
<action name="JBossWSAdapter" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.SOAPProcessor">
    <property name="jbossws-endpoint" value="ABI_OrderManager" />
    <property name="jbossws-context" value="ABIV1OrderManager_war" />
    <property name="rewrite-endpoint-url" value="true" />
This is the JBossWS endpoint that the SOAPProcessor is exposing. Mandatory.
This optional property is the context name of the Webservice's deployment and can be used to uniquely identify the JBossWS endpoint.
The optional "rewrite-endpoint-url" property is there to support load balancing on HTTP endpoints, in which case the Webservice endpoint container will have been configured to set the HTTP(S) endpoint address in the WSDL to that of the Load Balancer. The "rewrite-endpoint-url" property can be used to turn off HTTP endpoint address rewriting in these situations. It has no effect for non-HTTP protocols. Default is true.


Any JBossWS Webservice endpoint can be exposed by ESB listeners using this action. However, this means the action can only be used when your .esb deployment is installed on the JBoss Application Server as it is not supported on the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform Server.