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13.8.7. NotifyTopics

Class NotifyTopics
Purpose Performs a notification by translating the ESB message (including its attached properties) into a JMS message and publishing the JMS message to a list of Topics. Additional properties may be attached using the <messageProp> element.
Attributes none
Child topic
Child Attributes
  • jndiName – the JNDI name of the Queue. Required
  • jndi-URL – the JNDI provider URL. Optional
  • jndi-context-factory - the JNDI initial context factory. Optional
  • jndi-pkg-prefix – the JNDI package prefixes. Optional
  • connection-factory - the JNDI name of the JMS connection factory. Optional, default is ConnectionFactory
Child messageProp
Child Attributes
  • name - name of the new property to be added
  • value - value of the new property
<target class="NotifyTopics" >
<messageProp name="aNewProperty" value="theValue"/>
<queue jndiName="queue/quickstarts_notifications_topic" />