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4.2.12. Message Body Format

This is what a message body looks like:
  public interface Body
  public static final String DEFAULT_LOCATION = 

	public void add (String name, Object value);
	public Object get (String name);
	public byte[] getContents();
	public void add (Object value);
	public Object get ();
	public Object remove (String name);
	public void replace (Body b);
	public void merge (Body b);
  public String[] getNames ();


The message body's byte array component is deprecated. To continue using a byte array in conjunction with other data stored in the body, use the add option and give it a unique name. If your clients and services want a location for a byte array, you can use the one that the JBoss ESB itself uses: ByteBody.BYTES_LOCATION.


Use the default named object (DEFAULT_LOCATION) with care so that multiple services and actions do not overwrite each other's data.