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13.9.10. Dealing with SOAP Response Messages

The SOAP response object instance can be attached to the ESB Message instance in one of the following ways:
  1. On the default body location (Message.getBody().add(Map))
  2. In a named body location (Message.getBody().add(String, Map)), where the name of that body location is specified as the value of the "set-payload-location" action property.
The response object instance can be populated (from the SOAP response) in one of three ways:
  1. as an Object Graph created and populated by the XStream toolkit. We also plan to add support for unmarshaling the response using JAXB and JAXB Annotation Introductions.
  2. as a set of String based key-value pairs(<String, String>), where the key is an OGNL expression identifying the SOAP response element and the value is a String representing the value from the SOAP message.
  3. if Options one or two are not specified in the action configuration, the raw SOAP response message (String) is attached to the message.