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8.25.2. Configuring Quartz Scheduler

These are the default settings for Quartz Scheduler in the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform:
org.quartz.scheduler.instanceName = DefaultQuartzScheduler
org.quartz.scheduler.rmi.export = false
org.quartz.scheduler.rmi.proxy = false
org.quartz.scheduler.wrapJobExecutionInUserTransaction = false

org.quartz.threadPool.class = org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool
org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount = 2
org.quartz.threadPool.threadPriority = 5
org.quartz.threadPool.threadsInheritContextClassLoaderOfInitializingThread = true

org.quartz.jobStore.misfireThreshold = 60000

org.quartz.jobStore.class = org.quartz.simpl.RAMJobStore
You can override these properties or add new ones by specifying the configuration directly on the <schedule-provider> configuration as a <property> element. For example, this is how you would increase the thread pool size to 5:
<schedule-provider name="schedule">
    <property name=”org.quartz.threadPool.threadCount” value=”5” />
    <cron-schedule scheduleid="cron-trigger" cronExpression="0/1 * * * * ?" />