Chapter 10. Defining Service Configurations

10.1. Introduction to Configuring the Product


The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform's configuration settings are based on the jbossesb-1.3.0 XSD schema ( This XSD is always the definitive reference for configuring the product.Introductory text goes here.

This model has two main sections:
  1. <globals>
  2. <providers>: Defines all the message <bus> providers used by the message <listener>s, defined within the <services> section of the model.
  3. <services>: Defines all of the services under the control of a single instance of JBoss ESB. Each <service> instance contains either a “Gateway” or “Message Aware” listener definition.


By far the easiest way to create configurations based on this model is using JBoss Developer Studio ( This provides the author with auto-completion features when editing the configuration. Right mouse-click on the File -> Open With -> XML Editor.