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10.6. Attributes of a Listener

The “base” <listener> possesses the following attributes. These attribute definitions are inherited by all <listener> extensions. As such, they can be set for all of the listeners and gateways supported by the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, such as InVM.

Table 10.2. Listener Attributes

Name Description Type Required
name The name of the listener. This attribute is required primarily for logging purposes. xsd:string true
busrefid Reference to the busid of the <bus> through which the listener instance receives messages. xsd:string true
maxThreads The maximum number of concurrent message processing threads that the listener can have active. xsd:int True
is-gateway Whether or not the listener instance is a “Gateway” or “Message Aware” Listener.
A message bus defines the details of a specific message channel or transport.
xsd:boolean true
Listeners can define a set of zero or more <property> elements (just like the <provider> and <bus> elements/types). These are used to define listener specific properties.


For each gateway listener defined in a service, an ESB-aware (or “native”) listener must also be defined. This is because gateway listeners do not define bidirectional endpoints but, rather, “start points” into the ESB. You cannot send a message to a gateway from within the ESB. Also, note that, since a gateway is not an endpoint, it does not have an Endpoint Reference (EPR) persisted in the registry.
Here is an example of a <listener> referencing a <bus>:
<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>
<jbossesb xmlns=""
          <jms-provider name="JBossMQ" connection-factory="ConnectionFactory">
               <jms-bus busid="Reconciliation">
<!-- busid --> <jms-bus busid="ReconciliationEsb">
          <service category="Bank" name="Reconciliation"
                   description="Bank Reconciliation Service">
<!-- busidref --> <jms-listener name="Bank-Listener"
                  <jms-listener name="Bank-Esb"