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Chapter 3. Running the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform in a Testing Environment

3.1. Start the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform


The following software must be installed:

  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

Procedure 3.1. Start the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

  • Start the SOA server in a server window

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

      1. Open a terminal and navigate to the bin directory by entering the command cd SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/bin.
      2. Enter ./ to start the SOA server. (Because you are not specifying a server profile, "default" will be used.)
    • Microsoft Windows

      1. Open a terminal and navigate to the bin directory by entering the command chdir SOA_ROOT\jboss-as\bin.
      2. Enter run.bat to start the SOA server. (Because you are not specifying a server profile, "default" will be used.)

The server starts. Note that this will take approximately two minutes, depending on the speed of your hardware.


To verify that there have been no errors, check the server log: less SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/server/PROFILE/log/server.log. As another check, open a web browser and go to http://localhost:8080. Make sure you can login to the admin console with the user name and password you have set.

3.2. Deploy the "Hello World" Quickstart on Your Test Server


  • Check that the setting in SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/samples/quickstarts/conf/ matches the server configuration (default in a testing environment).

Procedure 3.2. Deploy the "Hello World" Quickstart

  1. Check that the server has fully launched.
  2. Open a second terminal window and navigate to the directory containing the quick start: cd SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/samples/quickstarts/helloworld (or chdir SOA_ROOT\jboss-as\samples\quickstarts\helloworld in Microsoft Windows).
  3. Run ant deploy to deploy the quickstart. Look for messages such as this to confirm if the deployment was successful:
         [copy] Copying 1 file to
         [echo] No Quickstart specific deployments being made.
         [echo] ******************
         [echo] Quickstart deployed to target JBoss ESB/App Server at
         [echo] 1.  Check your ESB Server console to make sure the deployment was
    executed without errors.
         [echo] 2.  Run 'ant runtest' to run the Quickstart.
         [echo] 3.  Check your ESB Server console again.  The Quickstart should
    have produced some output.
         [echo] ******************
    Also, check for this in the SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/server/default/log/server.log:
    10:58:52,998 INFO  [NamingHelper] JNDI InitialContext properties:{}
    11:00:58,154 INFO  [QueueService]
    Queue[/queue/quickstart_helloworld_Request_esb] started, fullSize=200000,
    pageSize=2000, downCacheSize=2000
    11:00:58,186 INFO  [QueueService]
    Queue[/queue/quickstart_helloworld_Request_gw] started, fullSize=200000,
    pageSize=2000, downCacheSize=2000
    11:00:58,427 INFO  [EsbDeployment] Starting ESB Deployment
  4. Run the quickstart by issuing this command: ant runtest. When the quickstart is run, messages such as this are written to the SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/server/default/log/server.log:
    11:03:02,190 INFO  [STDOUT] &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    11:03:02,191 INFO  [STDOUT] Body: Hello World
    11:03:02,191 INFO  [STDOUT] &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
    11:03:02,192 INFO  [STDOUT] Message structure: 
    11:03:02,192 INFO  [STDOUT] [Hello World].

The words "Hello World" will appear on the server terminal. This message will also be appended to the SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/server/default/log/server.log file.

3.3. Undeploy the "Hello World" Quickstart

Procedure 3.3. Task

  1. Navigate to the quickstart's directory: cd SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/samples/quickstarts/helloworld (or chdir SOA_ROOT\jboss-as\samples\quickstarts\helloworld if you are running Microsoft Windows).
  2. Run the ant undeploy command. You should see messages such as this displayed:
    [delete] Deleting:
    And messages such as this written to the server.log:
    11:10:08,205 INFO  [EsbDeployment] Stopping 'Quickstart_helloworld.esb'
    11:10:08,577 INFO  [EsbDeployment] Destroying 'Quickstart_helloworld.esb'

3.4. Stop the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform Server

Procedure 3.4. Stop the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform Server

  • Stop the SOA server

    Press ctrl-c in the server window (the terminal window where the SOA server was started).

The server will shut down. Note that this process will take a few minutes. Look for this line in the server.log file to confirm that the server has shut down successfully:

        12:17:02,786 INFO  [ServerImpl] Shutdown complete