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Chapter 17. Running Multiple JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform Instances Side-by-Side

17.1. Running Application Servers Side-by-Side


The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can be made to run alongside another JBoss product such as the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. There are two ways of achieving this:

  • by using multi-homing
  • by using the Service Bindings Manager


If you simultaneously launch multiple servers that each have the same database configuration, you may encounter errors. The server initialises a new database when it is launched with it for the first time. The problems can occur if more than one server attempts to do this simultaneously. To avoid this problem, launch one instance and wait until it has finished initializing the databases before starting the other instances. This only has to be done the first time that the servers are started.

17.2. Run Application Servers Side-by-Side Using Multi-Homing

Procedure 17.1. Task

  1. Configure your operating system's network interface so it is assigned multiple IP addresses. (Refer to your operating system's documentation for instructions on doing this).
  2. Launch each server instance using the -b switch to bind all of them to a single IP address. Here is an example: SOA_ROOT/jboss-as/bin/./ -b